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2019 5000 Broadway Productions


What started as just a fun way for the Hamilton cast to entertain the crowds of people waiting outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre to enter the Ham4Ham ticket lottery, has turned into a remarkable platform to celebrate the talent and community of Broadway with fans worldwide. You can check out Vulture's excellent compendium on the fan videos that resulted, here! These performances moved online for the winter months in 2016 while the Hamilton Broadway ticket lottery goes digital. All of the official videos are posted below. Currently, the lottery remains digital for spring and summer, except for Wednesday matinees when a live Ham4Ham performance and ticket lottery take place at 12:30pm! Enjoy! 

Digital #Ham4Ham 1/16/16 -- Alan Menken Medley

Digital #Ham4Ham Snowmaggedon 2016 -- Ja-Burr!

Digital #Ham4Ham 2/3/16 -- Miam4Ham w/On Your Feet!

Digital #Ham4Ham 2/14/16 -- The Story Of Tonight w/Elmo!

Digital #Ham4Ham 2/27/16 -- The Taglish Commandments!

Digital #Ham4Ham 3/9/16 -- Road Trip!

Digital #Ham4Ham 3/23/16 --The West Wing Cabinet Battle

Digital #Ham4Ham 4/2 -- A Rooftop Duet

Live #Ham4Ham 4/20/16 -- Mann4Ham 

Live #Ham4Ham 5/4/16 -- May The Fourth Be With You

Live #Ham4Ham 6/1/16 -- The Hamilton Softball Team Has "Heart"

Live #Ham4Ham 6/22/16 -- #TveitForIt

Digital #Ham4Ham 1/17/16 -- "Martin Luther King", words & music by Barbara Ames



Digital #Ham4Ham 2/6/16 -- Sweet Child O' Mine w/Lena Hall & School Of Rock!

Digital #Ham4Ham 2/17/16 -- Jasmine Cephas-Jones, Funny Girl

Digital Ham4Ham 3/2/16 -- Up On The Catwalk!

Digital #Ham4Ham 3/16/16 -- History is Happening In DC

Digital #Ham4Ham 3/26/16 -- #Groffweek

Live #Ham4Ham 4/6/16 -- Lin Welcomes Mayor Bill de Blasio

Digital #Ham4Ham 4/22/16 - Earth Day Freestylek 

Digital #Ham4Ham 5/14/16 -- #Rent4Ham

Live Ham4Ham 6/8/16 -- Daniel Watts' tribute to Muhammad Ali

Live #Ham4Ham 6/29/16 -- A Triumphant Tribute

Digital #Ham4Ham 1/20/16 -- Jimmy Fallon, "You'll Be Back."




Digital Ham4Ham 1/30/16 -- Say No To This w/ Audra McDonald AS Billie Holiday

Digital #Ham4Ham 2/13/16 -- Right Hand Yankovic

Digital #Ham4Ham 2/20/16 -- The Drama Book Shop Pitch

Digital #Ham4Ham 3/5/16 -- Pippa sings Copland

White House Digital #Ham4Ham 3/19/16 -- Jefferson's Band

Digital #Ham4Ham 3/30 -- Hamilton Pillow Talk with Lea and Groff

Digital #Ham4Ham 4/13/16 -- Coronation Of King George III the Fourth

Live #Ham4Ham 4/27/16 -- Lil Buck 

Live #Ham4Ham 5/18/16 -- Patti Lupone: Cell Phones Allowed

Live #Ham4Ham 6/15/16 -- #Ham4Orlando

Live #Ham4Ham 7/6/16 --

Lin-Manuel reads a Hamilton letter